Pura LM

Pura LM is a blend of rapeseed and pulses, cooked, ground and pelleted.  It is a high quality, cost-effective ingredient suitable for inclusion in a wide range of animal feed diets but is particularly suitable for poultry rations.

Typical analysis is 21% oil and 21% protein.

Whole oilseed rape and pulses are blended to a constant, target oil value.  The blend is then heated on a hot air fluidised bed followed by steam cooking.  The resultant cooked blend is ground and pelleted.  Pellets are then crumbled to produce the finished product in meal form.

Nutritional Benefit – Heat treatment reduces anti-nutritional factors associated with both rapeseed and pulses and increases protein digestibility.  Steam cooking limits protein damage while maximising the reduction in anti-nutritive factors.  Pelleting ruptures the oil cells to increase the available energy in the product.

Animal Benefits – Pura LM is a highly digestible source of protein and energy and provides a non-soya protein alternative for feed formulations of high nutrient density.

Composition – Blended from UK sourced, whole “double zero” rapeseed, field beans and peas to produce a target oil value of 21% (Oil B) and a minimum protein level of 21%.

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