CV-Soy Products

  • CV-Soy A/O manufactured from ‘any-origin’ soya beans
  • CV-Soy Non GM manufactured from Hard Identity Preserved, fully traceable, Non GM soya beans
  • CV-Soy Organic manufactured from Fully Certified Organic soya beans
  • Typical analysis is 18% oil and 36% protein.

    CV-Soy products are manufactured to high quality standards in a modern, purpose-built factory from US Grade No2 Yellow or equivalent grade soya beans, sourced primarily from USA, Canada or South America.

    Whole soya beans are cooked, ground and pelleted to provide a high protein, high oil product suitable for inclusion in a wide range of animal feed rations including poultry layers and broilers, pig feeds, fish feeds and rumen-bypass protein in cattle feeds.

    Product Specifications:

    CV-Soy – A/O Full Fat Soya

    For further information, please contact Simon on 01295 816201 / email [email protected] or Debbie on 01295 816206 / email [email protected]